Looking for Furniture in Humboldt? | Ideal Treasures

 If you are looking for furniture in Humboldt, much of which is gently used, check out Ideal Treasures.

In store right now, we have items including:

  1. Couches
  2. Dressers
  3. Coffee Tables
  4. Cabinets
  5. Antique Furniture
  6. Plant Stands
  7. Vanities
  8. Cribs
  9. Marble Tables
  10. Oak Tables
So much more.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality furnishings at affordable prices.  Considering the economy, affordable, gently-used, furniture seems to be a trend that may be emerging for the time being.

Why spend $4000 on a brand new couch set when you can get a gently-used set for $900?  We all feel it, we all know it, we need to be smart, and, conservative with our money these days.

Check out our deals at Furniture here.

Happy Shopping!